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This Swiss-Type lathe features with distinguished milling and complex functions for sophisticated machining of parts. Little Genius' RSL-16 comes with a sub-spindle for turning, milling, drilling and tapping. It is ideal for motorcycle and automotive parts, electric and electric parts, instrument and hydraulic parts, etc. The main spindle and back spindle can perform machining synchronously, which saves time greatly. Off-center device (in both front-side and back-side) allows user to do eccentric application. It also includes the most humanized control device, easy positioning operational panel and hand-wheel simulator device to facilitate the operator.

Ray Feng Machine Gang Type CNC Lathe

RC series are gang type structure and inclined bed design which not only can effectively save tool changing time and also exclude chips more convenient.

Ray Feng Machine Swiss Type CNC Lathe

RSB-20(Y) has main and sub spindle, and also with front and back tooling system. It allows many kinds of tools simultaneously working on the same or different work piece to shorten machining time.